The Whole Solution

From Component and Enclosure selection through to Design, Production, Warehousing and Distribution. K2A is your ideal one-stop manufacturing partner.

Supply Chain

We have a wealth of materials supply-chain knowledge to help ensure your product does not suffer line-stops due to market shortages or obsolescence.

Competitively Priced

With the advantage of being distributor owned, K2A can procure materials at distributor cost and pass these savings on to your products.


K2A-EMS have a team of Electronics Engineers available, offering both Hardware and Software Design.

Electronic hardware design is based around Altium schematic capture and PCB suite, with the added module of FPGA design to enable Field Programmable Gate Arrays to be included in high end designs.

FPGA’s enable a very secure method to protect clients IP when producing high end products.

We are proficient in all disciplines of hardware design including:
Analogue, Digital, Embedded Micro Control, Power Electronics, PIC Microcontroller, AtMEGA Microcontroller
PCB design includes 1 to 16 layers with both through hole and SMD capabilities.

Our software experience allows us to program in the following languages:

C and its variants, Python, Visual Basic and its variants, PLC Ladder, PLC Function Block, Renesas Synergy SSP Platform (Arm M4)

Our experience in multiple disciplines proves our ability to provide a complete product design service taking your specification through to prototype, pre-production and design-for-manufacturing (DFM).

Custom Design

K2A-EMS offer a very wide range of standard enclosure products, but we are also aware that our clients often need Custom Designed Enclosures for their products, driven by aesthetics, packaging or EMC requirements.

We offer a full range of prototyping through to production facilities which incorporate 3D Printing, Fabricated Plastic Enclosures (With No Tooling Costs!), Tooling & Moulding.

Our Custom Design services are not limited to enclosures but extend into the electro-mechanical componentry we offer, including Relays, Capacitors, SSR’s, Connectors, Transformers and other wound components, LCD Displays, Batteries and associated components.

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K2A EMS offer a team of 18th Edition Electricians who are available to assist with Electrical Design.

This expertise is used to ensure that panels are built to the required standards within the Panel Build department.

AutoCAD 2D is used for panel design and provides the mechanical layout for production. Electrical schematics are produced in either Altium or Design Spark and compliment the CAD drawings to provide a documented product.

Both Solid Works and Space Claim provide the applications for 3D CAD drawings if required. Both suites are licensed and maintained to ensure they offer the most recent and up to date features providing the very best in Mechanical CAD. Both these packages provide a link to Ecad to enable designs to meet the required specifications when Electronics become involved.

Our panel control includes both design or design and build and includes:

PLC Control, Inverter Control, Process Control, Motion Control, Vision Control

Remote Diagnostics (IoT – Internet of Things Connectivity including GSM Connection)

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