Value-Added Services 

“Eliminate stock costs, improve production efficiency, free up storage space, reduce material acquisition costs and increase profit. K2A Electronic Manufacturing Services can help you achieve all of these key business drivers by configuring a range of value-add services to tailor a supply-chain model perfectly for your company”

  • Production-Ready Kits 
  • Entire BOM can be supplied 
  • Acquisition Cost Reduction 
  • Stock holding Reduced
  • Batch Traceable 
  • Cash-flow Improvement 
  • Time to market Slashed 
  • 24 Hour Delivery with MyStock
  • Flexibility
  • Line-Stops Eliminated 
  • Vendor Reduction Achieved 
  • JIT Achieved 
  • Lean Manufacturing Achieved 
  • Stores Workload Reduced 
  • Obsolescence Control
  • One Delivery, One Invoice 
  • Administration Reduced 
  • Accounts Workload Reduced 
  • Productivity Improved 
  • Efficiency Improved

Peace of Mind 


Procurement & Kitting

Whether you are a start-up business or a large OEM or CEM, you will require a large number of components to be acquired from multiple suppliers. All of these parts will need to be managed, often on a day to day basis, leading to a costly and time consuming cost of acquisition. 


Enclosure Design/Customisation

Custom design enclosures manufactured from its flat sheet technology enabling us to offer customer specific dimensions and other customisation without the normal design costs.


Cost-Down Engineering

Reduce the cost of your products and improve your delivery lead times utilising K2A's procurement and engineering expertise. We can offer assist greatly in recommending, sampling and supplying high-quality competitive products to ensure your product meets or improves on-target costs and time-to-market. 


Kan-Ban Stock Management

Achieve JIT and Lean-Manufacturing. Never run out of Components in your manufacturing cell and eliminate your inventory costs with K2A-EMS KanBan Stock Replenishment system

Consignment Stocking.jpg

Consignment Management

Inventory Management supply concept to help eliminate stock cost and improve your time-to-market. Never run out of components, assemblies, enclosures, fabrications, even finished-goods and eliminate our inventory costs with K2A-EMS consignment stock control system.


My Stock Management 

K2A-EMS MyStock is a major advancement on the buffer stocking concept. Simply, K2A's stock profile is manipulated to cover as much or as little of the Components, Enclosures, PCB's, Assemblies and Fabricated materials you require for YOUR production. 


Warehousing  & Distribution

Your bulk purchased products are stored in a secure, insulated environment and shipped in pallet for mat or decanted down into quantities and batches which suit your business needs.