K2A Electronic Manufacturing Services is a new and unique concept in the contract electronics manufacturing market, offering flexible, competitive and transparent supply chain management to your business.

We have multiple manufacturing sites across the UK, and whilst we also have facilities in Eastern Europe and the Far-East, we are dedicated to UK manufacturing.We pride ourselves in being able to keep manufacturing in the UK and still offer our clients the cost effectiveness they require to compete, with unrivalled flexibility, speed, and the assurance that your IP is protected. In essence we disconnect the component management and manufacturing process to ensure both operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The procurement and component kitting operation is controlled by the professional kitting organisation within our business structure, whilst manufacturing is either carried out in-house or assigned to an approved, accredited and proven manufacturing partner.

This flexible approach enables K2A the ability to select the perfect manufacturing site based on lead-time requirements, capabilities, cost and capacity at any given time.This ability to adapt is our most powerful asset. Our group procurement strategy ensures that we already have best-cost practises and an exemplary component kitting service in place. Add K2A and you instantly have complete control of your supply chain, ensuring that manufacturing strategy can be implemented at the drop of a hat.