Capability – We are not restricted by any capability requirements. We have a number manufacturing sites with a wide variety of capability and specialism to ensure we can offer the perfect fit for your product.

Capacity - With multiple manufacturing sites, we are able to offer significant capacity. From multiple Surface-Mount manufacturing lines, to Selective Soldering, Wave Soldering and Hand-Assembly lines, as well as large EPA areas for final assembly and box-build. From 1 to 100’s of thousands, we have the solution available.

Cost – K2A Electronic Manufacturing Services are owned by a franchised component distributor and professional component kitting company. We therefore procure many of our components & enclosures at cost. There are no additional margins which can hamper a cost-effective solution which allows us to offer highly competitive prices for your assemblies and box-build requirements. For those components required to be purchased from manufacturers or other distributors, our staff have a wealth of experience in supply-chain and logistics management to ensure best-cost practices are implemented and sustained.


NPI - The early stages of any New Product Introduction (NPI) can be daunting, but K2A Electronic Manufacturing Services can offer a wide range of support and Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) assistance. Office and factory visits are welcomed and we can arrange production and engineering support at any stage throughout a products’ lifecycle.

Quality – All of our manufacturing facilities are inspected, accredited and approved. Usually to BS/EN ISO9001:2008 and IPC620-A workmanship standards as a minimum.


We are part of a company which is dedicated to customer service and supply-chain management. This resource enables K2A Electronic Manufacturing Services to offer an unparalleled supply-chain management system which include;  Pipelined material flow, Buffer Stock Management, Consignment Stock Management, Dedicated/Tailored ‘MyStock’ facility, Warehousing, Distribution and component obsolescence control.

What makes us truly unique is our ability to combine all of these attributes into an tailored package to ensure you not only get exactly what you need for your immediate requirements but rest in the knowledge that as the requirement increases and changes our systems can adapt.